8 Things We Hate About The Society Today

We as humans live in the most evolved scenario possible with the kind of resources, technology but it is yet very difficult to overlook the shortcomings in our society. So in this light post, we would look at 8 things that we hate about the society today.

As such our society might be far from the perfect reality but we still suffer on some aspects on account of ignorance and lack of awareness. So you can go through the post and have your own take on the issues too.

Teleshopping / Youtube Ads

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I mean not only these teleshopping ads are indirect jibes at body shamming and almost humorously racist, they also have an expertise in almost inventing products which would put even the biggest innovation companies to shame.

Youngsters Not Sure About Love

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Heartbreaks, break-ups, people dating more than one person, emotional cheating etc etc. We have all been there or done that. The true meaning of love has been lost somewhere in the noise of our party driven culture.



False Godmen With Criminal Histories And Huge Following

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Some of the biggest criminals in our society have been various so claimed religious institutions which are the breeding grounds for false claim following criminals who claim to have a certain connection with God. Looks like these saints are worse off then some of the seasoned criminals and their institutions are home to a socio-political connection only trying to exploit the poor in exchange for faith.

Stupid Videos / YouTubers Going Viral

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Whether it is Dhinchak Pooja getting fame or the pitiful “Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya”, these crass worthy youtube singers become subject of discussion on social media going viral. What the hell is wrong with the society, do you even see talented people by no means getting any spotlight ??

Michael Bay WOrking On Transformers Sequels

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For God sake, we loved the comic book Transformers and the animated series adaptation. Meanwhile, Michael Bay continues to make pathetic Transformers movies and wants to continue to work on many such sequels.

Social Media Buzzing With False News
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Our Facebook news feed is filled with false news, articles designed to promote a particular product/ businessmen and of course distasteful humor from daily lives. This was really not how social media was supposed to be for us.

Animal Die Everyday No One Bats An Eye

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Yes, human killings need as much attention and the criminal need to be banished to prison but our society has almost gone insensitive to issues such as animal abuse and atrocities that go unnoticed killing many animals and with many species going extinct.


Donald Trump

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Enough has been said about this orange head President of the United States. The fact that a narcissist, racist and self-obsessed businessman runs a country like United States Of America is enough for us to turn our heads and say “what is wrong with the society!!”




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