8 Types Of Girls You Will Find At Indian Weddings !!

Indian Weddings are so much fun !! They have everything you would want at a human gathering- food people, an excuse to dress up just right and even alchohol. There is nothing that can match the excitement of Indian Weddings. Here are some hillariou examples of 8 Types Of Girls You Will Find at Indian Weddings !!

  1. The Bored Teenager

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    There is this reluctant type brat in every household. They are more into books and never into gossip. They will act bored untill they blackmail their parents to take them back home !

     2.  The Bride Herself

    The bride can be of different moods and types. They come in different packages with all the melodrama, crying shopping and lots of talkign about what to wear and what not on the D-Day.

    3. The Food Lover

    These type of girls know well in advance that they have to attack the Pani Puri stall. And they also anticipate for other mouthwatering dishes !

    4.  The Show Off NRI !

    Every Indian family circle has an NRI relative family coming to India specially for the wedding. They have all they have all the props and ifs and buts. They will also remind you how brand concious they are !

5. The Gossip Type

They are the most loud but entertaining ones ! You will find them talking about everything from how the world started to how the Universe will come to an end !

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  1. 6. The Damsel In Distress

    Not very easy to spot but when you find one, you will know why we talk about them. They will have the most pitiful of stories to tell about why they are the ones with all the problems.
    7.  The Feminist Type

    Now this type of squad is very uncommon ! But you may or may not spot them in groups.

    8. The One Who Knows All The Dance Steps !

They will add the extra dance tadka on the DJ floor. But they are the ones who have spent weeks practising the particular dance step.


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