8 Ways That People With Anti Social Personality Disorder Try To Manipulate Others !!

An Anti-Social Personality disorder is not very well understood in our society as should be. A person suffering from anti social personality disorder has a medical condition that can be classified as a chronological mental illness. The reason why we need to be well informed about it because you are most likely to be victim to such a person and not even know that they are doing it. A person suffering from Anti Social Personality Disorder has complete disregard for the rights of others.

Such people can be sociopaths ( getting back at the society ) or psychopaths ( complete lack of guilt for their actions ). Such people can be vicious and often enjoy inflicting pain to others ( that is why they are dangerous ) Here are some very well sorted and cleverly listed ways in which people with anti social personality disorder try to manipulate others. Scroll down and check out in the list below!



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A person with an anti social personality disorder would never want that you point out something that is wrong with them. They will try to make you feel that you are either crazy or over-reacting for complaining about their “suspicious behavior”. If that has happened to you then you have dealt with a sociopath/psychopath, without even knowing it!

The Stare

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Psychopaths by their very nature lack any degree of humanity in them. This is the reason why a stare from a psychopath can make anyone uncomfortable. It makes it hard to deal with them.


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Just like a normal human being, a person with an anti social personality disorder is also completely convinced that their view of world is correct. The scary thing is that how they view the world is very abnormal and inhumane. They can try to brainwash you to think that they have a point which is completely not true. Dealing with them can bring you remorse as your morals are as compromised as theirs when you try to level up with them. One scary thing is that for example, a psychopath will have no guilt even with no morals.

False Gossiping

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This is yet another shallow tool used by an evil person with an anti social personality disorder. A sociopath will try to gossip against you in a view to target you and turn other people against you. Sometimes they can be so charming and intelligent that people will believe the false gossip against you. One such solution to the situation is that you spread as much awareness about a suspicious psychopath/ sociopath that their gossip is unable to harm your reputation and social image.


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A person with an anti social personality disorder is bound to endure an immense amount of suffering and therefore have a very damages self esteem. These people with such a mental state naturally adapt bullying in order to project their suffering onto others. As pathetic as this may sound, they will target people with perfect emotional health and try to disrupt their mental state.


The Baiting Trick Manipulation

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The truth about society is that we are social animals and no one likes to be alone. Same applies to all sociopaths and psychopaths. Because even these people also do not want to be lonely they will start off by awarding their potential victims with gifts, attention. And as soon as you think they mean everything in the world to you, they are also controlling you.


The Tight Leash

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This is a very effective long term strategy if you ask me. They will try to deprive you or rob you of your potential to make real true friends so that they can take prominent place in your life. They will narrow your horizon to reach to more people so that they can later execute control over you.


Self-Sabotaging Pretentious Behaviour

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Playing like a victim / a sociopath trying to act to be in despair just to get your attention. They are too deep down in the suffering lane and want you to drag you on the dark path itself. This is one another trick. Just by knowing these manipulative behaviour streams you can avoid a psychopath/sociopath from miles away not being prey to the manipulative behaviour.


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