Would Apple Inc be Different If Steve Jobs Was Still Alive ?? We Think So

Apple Inc is the most valuable tech giant in the world. But the world cannot even imagine what this vision was without Steve Jobs to have set foot on Earth. The corporation is currently headed by Tim Cook and makes for a very profitable venture. Not to mention Apple is still the undisputed leader when it comes to valuation and brand equity. Apple Inc has gone through some major changes. So even if there is the a world without Steve Jobs. Here is a post about our take on “How Apple Inc Would Have Been Different If Steve Jobs Was Alive”. Check Out !!


Apple Would Have Been More Innovative ( Maybe A Little Less Profitable )

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If Steve Jobs were still to be the CEO of Apple Inc then there must have been the zing factor that it was known for a decade ago. Maybe also there would have been an air pod with songs storage and the magic mouse would have no charging port. There would have been no bigger screen iPhones which might have lagged behind form competition to Samsung and other Android devices.

We Would Have More Product Range

If Steve Jobs would still be heading the giant tech company, there would have been some new uses and we would have had brand new Apple gadgets. Only Steve had the know how of getting so many things right with new products.


Not Every iPhone Update Would Look The Same

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If there would have been the Maestro maker at Apple, then identical looking iPhones would have been a big NO NO for Steve. He would have packed better designs as they had begun and we would get better smart phone experience. Although the current company is also doing a good job of catering to the market demand as well as getting new features.


Refined Technologies

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There is no questions asked that only Steve had the plans and innovation. but if he were the executive head at Appl Inc then we would not see blunders like the new MacBook pro. Every decision would have been a miracle in the field of technology. And that is what Apple fans loved about him.


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