Avengers Infinity War 30 Second Super Bowl Trailer And 10 Exclusive Sneak Peak Images

All right so now the exclusive sneak peak that we all had been waiting for is out and looks like there is a lot of things to look forward to. Marvel Studios had released the first exclusive trailer at the end of last year and now Marvel has teased a 30 second Super Bowl teaser. If you haven’t seen it yet you can watch the trailer right below.


Peter Parker can be seen trying to climb the the Portal that we see him gazing at the Infinity War Trailer and that was what had triggered his Spidey sense. Looks like it is time for Spiderman to shine.


It is to be noted that we had seen Parker in a similar situation in the previous trailer but at that time Spiderman was in the Iron Spider costume but here he looks like to be in the Civil War costume.


Not that we did not see it coming, but it is so fascinating and oddly satisfying to see two Alpha egos of Stephen Strange and Tony Stark together on screen. We see Iron Man and Doctor Strange do something we have not seen before.



We see Tony in the brand new Suit. It looks like he suited up soon after but the Iron Man suit looks a little beaten and torn and that is clearly visible in this image. Looks like there would eb many explosions and a mini battle based in New York.



In this image what we see most likely is Thanos ship, these three must be interrogating an invasion and have caught themselves in what looks like a space situation.

We see the arc reactor in between Tony’s jacket. Looks like it is also his armour folded up in one piece. Finally Banner and Stark having a conversation about what has happened.

Captain, Vision and Black Widow arrive. This yet another team up from the Super Bowl trailer.


This is what looks like the Asgardian ship under attack. We got to know that Thor has to deal with it alone.

Cap gets his new shield from Wakanda. Seems like they are preparing for war.



Does Nebulla finally address her daddy issues in this film ! The Super Bowl trailer has been quite good.


Images Source : Marvel Studios News


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