Bahubali 2 : 7 Things To Look Forward From “The Conclusion”

The wait is finally over. The world stands to bow down the craft of marvel film maker S.S. Rajamouli in Bahubali 2 – titled “The Conclusion”. The movie sequel is sure to set the box office registers on fire as soon as it opens to packed cinemas across the world. It would not be wrong to label the film as a global franchise, but it still remains a homegrown product with strong emotional connect. Here is an exclusive review/analysis ( by Naman Vashisht )

Bahubali The Conclusion

As one would expect, the trailer promises to be one thrilling ride with all the magic vfx doing the work along with the revenge saga presented by the genius S.S Rajamouli. The sequel to the India’s most epic period drama looks much more promising than what the first part had offered. The Trailer of the film has been attached with the article for starters.


The characters have been established and a lot has been said about the movie. Although nobody knows as to what caused the conflict in the first action drama flick, the trailer pretty much sets the tone for what is yet to come. Here is our take on the 7 things to look forward from Bahubali : The Conclusion.

1. Sivagami’s Downfall

Sivagami Baahubali

Evident from the first part itself, there has been a brewing conflict in the kingdom of Maheshmati which leads Sivagami out of the kingdom and eventually leading to her downfall. A lot is yet to be revealed as to what lead to it.

2. An Interesting Sub Plot Featuring DevaSena

Baahubali Devasena Love Story

The warrior princess as revealed in the first look of Bahubali to has much to offer than just a regular love angle sub plot. It would be interesting to trace the character’s journey which led her to be chained in Kingdom’s courtyard.

3. BhallaDeva-Mahendra Bahubali Face Off

Bhalaldeva vs Bahubali

No cookie points for guessing, Sivudu finally comes to know about his royal origins only to seek revenge from Bhallaldeva. The face off is sure to be the central point of the sequel, being very high on action. Both the actors seemed to have beefed up for the role with a stellar diet.


4. The War Sequences

S.S. Rajamouli : War Sequences

Pretty much the reason why S.S. Rajamouli makes movies ! The movie is expected to be packed with epic war sequences, expectedly exceeding the standards set by the first film.

5. The Fate Of Maheshmati Kingdom

Mahesmati Kingdom

Apart from Amarendra Bahubali being a just and sacrificing king, not much has been revealed about the fate of the kingdom. Bahubali 2 will surely answer what lead to the atrocious premise where the civilians are openly looted and punished as seen in the first movie.

6. The Throne Politics

The Throne

Not much is known about Amarendra Bahubali being crowned as the claimant to the throne, only to be replaced by his evil brother as the King. The throne politics in the movie, pretty much seems to be the gist for the conflict in Bahubali 2.

7. The Blood Ridden Cliffhanger Focused On Kattapa – The Loyal Guard

Kattapa Killed Bahubali

And the answer to the most awaited question ” Why Did Kattapa Kill Bahubali ” will finally be answered in the epic conclusion of the film. Also the relationship that Kattapa with Amarendra Bahubali has been teased in the trailer itself.

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