Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill To Renew DCEU Contract – Batman The Leader Of DCEU

With all the rumors doing the rounds the DC studios is finally settling the dust on various things. The Mat Reeves Batman film is a controversy’s favorite child. If reports are to be believed then Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have signed their January 2019 DCEU contract. If the news is to be believed then Ben Affleck will be reprising the role of Batman in the future of DC films and Henry Cavill has also been signed for 3 movies apart form 2 more cameo appearances.

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Warner Bros has taken note after poor critical reception of Justice League a lot of changes were anticipated to be made in the DCEU universe of films. Ben Affleck was previously rumored to direct his own Batman solo film, which he later stepped down from. But how things are going looks like that fan favorite Ben Affleck is going to be back as Batman and his appearance is not just limited to his role in DC Flashpoint film.

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Not just that, Ben Affleck is also going to direct the second Justice League movie as per the DCEU contract. Not much has been officially announced but this is silver lining in the cloud if you see that how fans were dissapointed by the news of Mat Reeves having his own new casting of Batman.

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Given the popularity of characters it has been said that Batman will lead the future of DC films, which is somethign that should. If things take shape this way then you can say that Ben Affleck will be the long term DCEU Batman which is what the fans also want. If the studio is also more careful about choosing scripts which are comic book accurate and have fan favourite characters thenWarner Bros can surely save their DC film division which is a potential money spinner.

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