Best Infinity War Performances Discussed After The Movie ( Minor Spoilers )

Avengers Infinity War was a show down that we all as Marvel fans and comic book fans waited for long ago. The movie took on a tone and purpose of it’s own. it looked like too many things packed into one but never exhausted. Fans and critics have spoken with everyone having loved the film in one way or the another. This is the conclusion that we sort of knew MCU would have but not without the assemble of some surptisingly good performances. Though there are many charactersHere are the best ones that made it to our list !


We loved the film but here are the special Infinity War performances that will go down quite well with all the MCU fans.


Chris Hemsworth As Thor

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After Thor Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth seems to be having the most fun. Also Thor has the most interesting character arc. Though he only has team Groot and Rocket Racoon to team up but he really comes up with a mature and felt performance. Thanks to Taika Watiti this trouble struck character also retains most of the humor.


Chris Prat As Peter Quill

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This now comes as a surprise as a Guardian gets his moments to shine in an Avengers film. Peter Quill takes a big piece of the cake for his emotional connection to Gamora and battle on the Titan. Seriously a great mention for the best Infinity war performances.

Tony Stark

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Robert Downey Jr might or might not redeem his role as Iron Man but he sure proves why he was the the best choice for it and is still one of the best Infinity War performances to remember. Not to mention a lot might be at stake for his character in the next untitled Avengers film.


Josh Brolin As Thanos

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This is one actor Josh Brolin who deserves a worthy mention as his character look more than just a CGI. There is a human side to Thanos but which also makes him more scary.

Karen Gillan As Nebulla

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Karen Gillian proved to be much more of a trump card in this one. She might not have the screen time as the other characters but she tops on the list for her unique relationship with Thanos and Gamora in this one.


Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

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It was only in 2016 that Benedict donned the role of the sorcerer supreme. He gets a lot to do and the credit goes to the Russo brothers for giving us so many memorable Infinity War performances. You have to watch the film to know how awesome he is as the “master of the mystic arts”.

Ebony Maw  / Corvus Glave Black Order Cast

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The Black Order had been much talked about Infinity War performances ever since the D23 promo came out. Here is to awesome characters such as Ebony Maw and Corrvius glave to make to big screen as first time villains and also making a lasting impression.



Zoe Saldana As Gamora

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This one was teased long before as Gamora as the daughter of Thanos, shares a very special and emotional connection to the Mad Titan. You see a vulnerable side to the character which was unexplored, also pivotial to the plot and one Infinity stone. ( guess which was it was ) !

Other honourable mentions remain Tom Holland as Spiderman, Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Chris Evans as Steve Rogers. For more on the movie and new updates stay updated with this section. If we agree with our list let us know in the comments section below.


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