8 Technologies From Marvel That Are A Gift To Mankind

The Marvel cinematic Universe is one of the most exciting things present on the entertainment business. The studio bring so many new things on the table including technologies from marvel and some really cool ideas. One thing about the MCU is that they inculcate the gadgets and science so closely intricate to the story that it becomes the most important part of the narration.

Apparently the technologies from marvel makes their films superior when comparing to anything Hollywood has ever seen. Apart from that Marvel does everything by making it looks very logical to the audience. There is science involved with magic and gadgetry is one pic aspect of the superhero powers given two characters in the am see you. Recent example is the technology used in Spider-Man Homecoming.  As inspiring as the gadgetary  from Marvel it turns out also to be very practical.  Here are best technology from Marvel that would turn out to be a big pleasure for the future.  Check out in the awesome post right now.

Holographic Table with Jarvis

The holographic table integrated with the intelligence from Jarvis is the PowerPoint for many of Iron Man films. Highly sophisticated system is also connected to Internet and various other recording features which helps Tony Stark make most of the research he does in the movies.

The Artificial Intelligence Based Web Shooting

One of the most recent examples of technology from Marvel is the artificial intelligence Suite used by Spider-Man.  the seemingly harmless Technology can do lot of wonders.  the movie also see the artificial intelligence system for Spider-Man manage various web shooting combinations and  combat mods to help Spidey combat even the most difficult situations.

Holographic Video Calling

Well this is one of the coolest Technologies which have been used by Tony Stark and his allies in various  Marvel films.  the holographic video calling is very life like and also allows multiple screens to function.  and the best part is you don’t even have to carry a computer/ smartphone for this video calling.

The Iron Man Repulsor Weapon

The admirable for weapon is a must have on any technology list in the world.  the sophisticated repulsor Systems by Iron Man are not only powerful but also can accomplish really World Life tasks.

The Iron Man Flight Suits

The Iron Man flight suits are highly compatible to different situations and I am almost function as the extension of the personality of the person using it.  it is one of the more more recognise technologies from Marvel but deserves a mention on this list.

The Events Recording Feature

the event recording feature is pretty much one of the most sophisticated gifts from Tony Stark to the Marvel cinematic Universe.  You can use this feature to recreate various events And also investigate where crime seems like Batman.  it has also been used by Spiderman for Record Keeping in the recent Homecoming film.

The Artificial Intelligence Based Home Security

Well when you have Tony Stark doing the engineering then you don’t need to worry about your home security issues.  the artificial intelligence system used by Tony Stark can do a whole lot of things such as  create stealth walls, activate home security  and perform various routine functions such as making a toast  and like running a lab !!

Portable Spy Bot

The Spy Bot is used by Spidey in the movie can be utilize to accomplish various test which is the wonder of technology from Marvel. The spy bot can pinhole through various areas without being noticed and spy about the surrounding sending images to the holder of artificial intelligence system.  These technologies from Marvel is used right can be very practical to the world !


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