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5 Biggest Sony Playstation Fails That Sony Wants You To Forget

sito per giocare in borsa Sony had fast become the gaming console of choice when it was launched in the 90’s. The brand is pretty much loved by the loyal gamers who would fight their wits out to justify the Sony PlayStation consoles to be superior.  But every big brand is vulnerable to making bad decisions sooner or later. Here we would point out the biggest Sony Playstation fails that even fans will agree to. Here they are :

The 90’s Controller Design

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http://bolataruhan.org/?fiopry=rencontre-celibataire-74&2ac=27 The first thing we can think of while discussing Sony Playstation fails is why does such a big company with a rich following has the same old 90’s remote console design in all their versions. While geeks would also agree that the X-Box remote console is way superior.

The PlayStation Move

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see While Nintendo is known to revolutionize the gaming Industry with their Nintendo Wii and set of games X-Box Kinect is also a successful product in the mainstream gaming brands. The PlayStation move while moderately successful is one of the huge Sony PlayStation fails.

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Hardware Downgrades in PS3 And High Price

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single app kostenlos The Playstation 2 was an iconic product and also the most sold gaming console ever. What we did not like is that PlayStation 3 was not only expensive but it was also a technical downgrade as far as features were concerned ( it had half the RAM of X-Box one )

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PSP UMD And Piracy For Sony

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source link The introduction of UMD was Sony’s way to counter piracy but it ended up doing the opposite. Not only did Sony compromise on marketing the PSP in the United States ( while succeeding in Japan ) it was an off platform with people upgrading the memory card to access pirated games.

Hacked PlayStation Network In 2011

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dating services toronto Sony did admit the issue in the later stages but how would the users like that their debit card information and user privacy was compromised on something that popped up in 2012 and not loved until years!

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