You Cannot Miss These 8 Pokemon Movies If You Are A True Fan

The world has started talking about the Pokemon since the Pokemon Go was launched last year. Even though people are now becoming more aware of the Pokemon world and going crazy over it, it was still a hit thing in the 90’s. Every 90’s kid will understand the craze. So to get a good geeky dose of entertainment you must check out the list of these 6 Pokemon movies that you cannot miss if you are a true fan. Scroll down below and check them out !!

Genesect And The Legend Awakened (2013)

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This is an exciting film and also one of the latest ones. Ash, Pikachu and his friends go on a journey to stop a big group of Genedects and Mewto from destroying the city.

Zoroark: Master Of Illusions (2010)

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Ash and his team are travelling to the city to fight with magical creatures to the Pokemon World Cup. Meanwhile a businessman wants to creat havoc in the city of Crown City. His intention is to divert population and get time travelling Pokemon Celebi.

Pokemon : The Rise Of Darkai (2007)

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This is a great movie which deals with adventures of Ash and his team. In this movie, Ash and his Pokemon’s arrive in a village to fight battles. To their surprise, they find a dead Pokemon named Darkai who has the ability to alter space and time.

Jirachi Wish Maker (2003)

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You should definitely check out this movie because this is an advanced generation Pokemon movie. The storyline of the film involves around a comet that appears once for 7 days in 1000 years. The comet also awakens Jirachi from sleep.

The Power Of One (1999)

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Ash sets out his journey to the storm beaches. The island is a home to the three forces of nature that maintain the balance. The three Pokemon are Zapdos (lightning ), Moltres( fire), and Articuno(ice). It is one of th Pokemon movies that explores many concepts.

First Pokemon Movie (1998)

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The Mewto is a subject of an experimentation cloning , which is made form the DNA of mew. The Mewto escapes from experiment. Mewto has dangerous psychic powers and sets out on his own journey.



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