Chimpmunks Are Ruling The Internet And You Won’t Believe How !!!!


Yea, this Chipmunks reboot from Hollywood is doing some magic work with these bollywood songs. It is sure to make your day ! Check it out for yourselves, the internet is going crazy and so are we !


1. Baby Ko bass Pasand Hai

We love it, the peppy adorable rip-off from Sultan gets a Chipmunk adaptation. And we are not even pointing faults here.

2. Agar Tum Saath  Ho !

This is pretyy unusual but we still love the chimpmunk version of it.

3. And This Adorable Hit From Kapoor & Sons

Need not say more, just watch it.

4. And The rip off for 2016’s most loved song !!

Awww is the only word for it, as if the song wasn’t cute enough. It is the best song on internet right now!

5. Chipmunks Do A Ranveer Singh

Chimpmunks go carefree, try everything and the internet too is loving them.

6. Atif Aslam Will Be More Than Pleased With His Own Song Here watch?v=BI30mzXUiCY

7. Chipmunks Do a Humma Humma

As if the song wasn’t sensational enough, it gets an interesting twist with our favorite chipmunks going humma humma.

8. Chipmunks Do a Jacqueline

Plain chirpy, happy, fun and yet adorable !!

9. Chipmunks have got a  swag !!

Try these songs for a change, today , it might lift your mood too.

10. Hua Ye Aaj Pehli Baar

This is the best love song remix you will see on the internet today !! We cannot stop humming these. It will take us a while to get out of the chipmunks hangover !

11. The Most Adorable rip-off of the most adorable song !

Haha, Mawra Hoccaine will surely fee floored after seeing a chipmunk equivalent of herself singing around with her signature spectacles.

12. We Bet Even Anushka Would Like It watch?v=HSP230j_FWc

We wonder you are thinking to throw a party, where you only run the chipmunk version of the bollywood songs. Who thought internet could be so fun.

Surprisingly, some of these rip-offs are better than even the original song. Kudos to the editors here. We hope you enjoy fun viral content from amazing geek world. Keep coming back and don’t forget to share.


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