7 Ways Cinema Contributes To The Society

In many ways it can be said that the society is a reflection of the cinema. But it is also true that Cinemas also a reflection of the society.  but you can say that it is also the most successful form of art which helps to connect to the people around.  it has  criticized since ages for the negative impact it has on people.  but in this unconventional article we are going to talk about 7 ways house cinema contributes to the society.  we give much less credit to cinema then we should as a part of our growth in Humanity. So let us read in the interesting post on here below :


# It Helps Reinforce Culture

Sometimes things are better understood when they are demonstrated  then plainly just taught.  cinema is a great example of how humans can reinforce their own culture but on a much larger scale.  you can show various religions cultures and valuable rituals being followed from centuries.


# It is Reflection Of Our Own Values

the most valuable thing humans for this is that they have conscience.  and it is always a relief to see that our values are shown and circulated to mass media through the platform of various feature films. It reminds us that what the society is a foundation of.


# It Gives us Many Life Lessons And Chance To Look Within Ourselves

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The most fascinating thing about cinema is that we give ourselves a chance to live within ourselves.  by relating to the characters shown in the movies we learn many life lessons  and individual lessons when we try to connect to these cinematic experiences.


#Sometimes Movies Become The Only Record Of Our Past

More often than not it has been little difficult for us to document everything from my history in videos.  but various documentary films and past century feature films help us take a direct look at what are historical past used to look like. We can also guess how our ancestors used to live and create an image through movies.


# It Helps Us See The Good And The Bad Of The Society

the best thing that cinema has done to humanity is that we see the good and we see the bad.  as such movies are mostly subjective paste on the judgement of the people viewing it.  even if we do not realise our lives in a sequence we can still look at the story telling  and judge what is good and what is bad.  this way we develop an understanding of what is right and what is wrong.


# It Updates Us With The Best Trends

not everybody will agree with this point but yes if you want to be updated with the best friends and social statements I need to watch all the best latest films.  yes they are borrowed from the mainstream society but they still help out largest chunk of the society be updated with the trendz


# It Is an Extension Of The Present With Our Imagination For Coming Times

Every kind of thing with we can only imagine but not have we demonstrated through our feature films. This lets us know that even the nonexistent technology gadgets and various other props that we want to see in the world at first shown in the movies. So we recreate a better version of ourselves through cinema and then try to enacted in our own lives.


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