Comparison With Marvel Wrong – Critics Too Harsh With DC Universe

The past decade has been buzzing with a lot of techno specific and CGI heavy movies that have been carved out as the comic book films which have been mostly successful and are very much the trend right now in Hollywood. In light of this two studios have seen the most fans which have been both associated with Marvel and DC Comic Movies. Now Marvel Studios owned by Disney makes such big budget well themed movies with memorable characters while on the other hand Warner bros heads the DC movies division.

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DC Entertainment Universe mostly under the banner of Zack Snyder directorial have faced the flak for being too cynical and lacking substance. While it is quite fascinating that both Marvel and DC have a great following over many decades with many winning characters such as the Iron Man, Batman, Wonderwoman, Captain America and Spiderman. The major difference between the two studios is that DC film division had just started out after the Man Of Steel while Marvel Studios is in the stage of finishing a major phase of movies ( Phase 3 ) with Infinity war coming out this May.

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In my opinion the critics have been far too harsh and the DC films fall short of audience expecctations due to fears of over speculation. Warner Bros is a wide film division that makes a lot of movies while Marvel Studios has only one job – get the comic book movie adaptations right. DC has been trying somethign new and different which is what they should so – The DC comic storylines have their own identity just like Marvel comics. So we as fans should not expect DC movies to have the same tone as Marvel films.

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Although Marvel films have humour and run at the box office we must allow both the movie Universes ( Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Cinematic Universe ) to co-exist. The DC has some great characters ofcourse like The Batman and Wonder Woman. By the way it would be great to have a Batman solo movie that too starring affleck, he is a great Batman. There is also Flash that has brought some humour. Let us look at it this way. If we judged the prowess of the MCU right when Iron Man and Thor were released a decade ago, would critics have had claimed it as the best interconnected Universe ? No, we are being too harsh.

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The Justice League comes with it’s own set of flaws but the DC Universe must be allowed to grows as it does. If that were the case we were to have a Green Lantern Corps movie, The Batman Movie and Flash. Then except for Suicide Squad there is great scope for other films like Justice League 2. The Universe need not necessarily be directed by Zack Snyder but the DCU deserves the same glory as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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