Spider Man Vs Deadpool Who Would Win ?? We Guess You Know!!

Spider Man is one of the most iconic heroes of the Marvel Cinematic universe who is known to have a sense of humor. However no matter what, Spidey is a good guy with a thing called “with great power comes great responsibility”. This is in sharp contrast to Deadpool who is really witty buy has complete disregard for what other thin. This makes the both characters to find each other in conflict in various situations in the comics. But what would happen if they cross paths and have to fight each other out then what would happen  ?? Who would win ?? Let’s find out !!

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It is More A Battle Of Wits Than Battle Of Muscle

Given the sensibilities and Powers Spider Man is a pretty awesome superhero who can swing around, web other super villains and use his agility and flexibility through even the most gruesome of situations. While Deadpool on the other hand is a skilled acrobat with skill with the sword and guns. But none of these heroes have a fatally damaging super psionic power. And even both of them can manage to cut each other’s tricks to neutralize the effect of fight. But with these 2 on a fight, it is more likely to be a battle of wits then muscles. Deadpool might try to distract spidey with much talking but the spider sense is going to get to the rescue of Peter.

While Wade Wilson has super powerful healing abilities, but we doubt that Spider Man is going to injure him. At most Deadpool might approach Peter with his sword but Spider Man can easily web him up with his weapons. And Deadpool will always have a prop to get out of the traps set by Spiderman. Even if Peter approaches Wade will full strength, he is going to heal out of it. So most likely Spider Man can target him from a distance with webbign and prevent him to do whatever he is upto. So Spider Man Vs Deadpool is likely to be going to enter as a deuce. But mostly as shown in the comics they are going t


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