5 Reasons Why DCEU Making A Deathstroke Movie Is A Great Decision!

What Death Stroke Solo Movie Should Mean To Fans !! The DC Cinematic Universe has started to take it’s expansion plans very seriously!! Now after the launch of major characters like Batman and Wonderwoman in the DCEU a Deathstroke movie is also said to be in the works. Not much is known about the storyline. But the supervillain is Slade Wilson who is allegedly the DC Character which inspired Deadpool in the comics ( the latter intended as a spoof but became more popular )

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Here are 5 Reasons Why If DCEU ever goes for production of a Deathstroke movie will turn out to be a great idea for everyone !

DCEU Starting Out To Expand the Universe

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DCEU is doing something that they tried to do with Suicide Squad but they failed previously on this. It gives more content to DCEU on the big screen and it is easy to share characters across movies if they are introduced.


Getting Standalone Similar To Venom Movie

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Marvel did it with many superheroes, Now Sony is trying to cash on that formula. Now what about DC, they have rich comic book history and they see more hope for their franchises in the future.


Might Have A Cameo In Justice League

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This is just a rumor but if the character has a cameo in Justice league then DC Studios is taking him seriously and just like Aquaman, Deathstroke movie might also turn out to be cooler then expected.

Will Help Set Up Events For The Batman Movie

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Batman has only had is share in Batman v Superman and there is no solo movie yet. Ben Affleck did have a cameo role in Suicide squad and will share screen with superheroes in Justice League but if the Deathstroke movie works, there will be more scope and storyline options for Batman to interact in his own Universe in The Batman .

Great Portrayal Of A Strong Super Villain

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Admit it, Deathstoke movie will be a good treat for fans as it might contain a lot of action and some storylines which might even involve Batman. Much is to be seen but hope for the best.


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