The Desi Songs Playlist Will Pump Up Your Mood To Whole New Level

The most exciting things about the Desi Songs is that they are extremely entertaining dance numbers and have a whole lot of colours form the Indian Culture. You can hear these desi songs at weddings, festivals, inaugrations and even in trian on the way to work. These are extremely energetic numbers which can bring you rmood up to a new level in just about a few seconds. So just check out the article and tune in to the best numbers from Bollywood that will have you tapping your feet. Check these awesome numbers for yourself !!


Sweet Tera Drama – Bareily Ki Barfi

This recent one from Bareily Ki Barfi will give you just the right amount of feels and beats. The song has captured soem great notes and moments to be loved by the audience.


Cutie Pie !!

One of the more entertaining desi songs to come out from Pritam. The Cutie Pie song from Ae Dil Hai mushkil just steals the limelight for beign so hip and melodious. The lyrics are also very catchy.

Badri Ki Dulhania Title Track

The recent hit track from Badri Ki Dulhania has all the hits and misses to become the most sellign Holi ssong of the season. Varun and Alia light up the screen in this outing.

Gallan Goodiyan

This crazy Karaoke song from Bollywood is just about perfect to entertain just about any fan in the business !! Totally takes the cake when it comes to music.

Baby Ko Bass

Salman Khan is a charmer and Sultan was a great film. Surely you should save this song for the next wedding you are going to.


Chinta Ta Ta

Want a playlist that is so crazy that even you rnon fans catch the attention on your mp3 ?? If yes then this is one great high energy song for you !

Ishqyaun Dhisqyaun

The Sanjay Leela Bhansali song has been beautifully picturized and has been sung by Aditya Narayan. Deserves to be heard on your playlist everyday !

Gandi Baat

This is exactly the small town song that you want to hear once in a while. Even if you are an urban playlister, this is an entertianing feat to get your ears into.

Om Mangalam

The great say no to marriage song !! Haha

Mauja Hi Mauja

This classic number sung by Mika Singh is th ebenchmark for entertianing desi numbers.


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