5 Differences Between Justice League And The Avengers In DC And Marvel Universe

The Justice League And The Avengers are the most loved superhero teams of all time respectively from DC and Marvel Comics respectively. For this post we would talk mostly about the cinematic representations of the two. Have a look !!

Marvel is More Colorful, DC Is Darker

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One thing that differentiates the two epic superhero teams is the tone of the films that surrounds them. Marvel films are more rooted into fantasy while films form the DCEU have a dark Zack Snyder undertone. This is true also for Justice League characters. ( The Wonder Woman Solo film was one exception ). Bot DC and Marvel have a r different characters.


Iron Man To Avengers Is What Batman Is To Justice League

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Iron Man is a human stuck with other powerful superheroes, while still human Stark has the best tech and Iron Man armours to keep him covered. Batman on the other hand is a trained mixed martial arts fighter, a vigilante and the best detective in the world. Both heroes from DC and Marvel are super rich but their approach to hero ships make for different teams in the Avengers and Justice League.


Justice League Has Got Better Villains

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While talking about the DC Extended Universe they have got potential villains like the Joker, Bane, Death Stroke, Harley Quinn and many more. Avengers while being a worthy team has few iconic villains like Loki, Ultron, more recently Thanos but nothing that has got any critical acclaim.


The Avengers Is Based In A Larger Shared Cinematic Universe

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The Avengers are based in a much more larger cinematic space spread over 10 years and various films like Iron Man, Captain America : Civil War, Thor Ragnarok, Spiderman Homecoming, Black Panther and Doctor Strange. The Justice League’s relatively new and has got only two solo films in Man Of Steel and Wonder Woman.


Avengers Are More Dependent On Technology

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More like the MCU The Avengers have an abundant line up of technology thanks to Iron Man AKA Tony Stark. Even Spider Man the youngest Avenger has the advantage of Stark technology in his suit powered with artificial Intelligence. The DC films on the other hand have more magic and Gods and tech is only limited to Bat suits and Bruce Wayne tactical gadgets.


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