This Is How Doctor Strange Can Be A Crucial Ace Card In Infinity War

Marvel has finally revealed the teaser of the ‘Judgement day’ and it looks like Thanos is in no mood to ‘bargain’. Doctor Strange is seen sharing screen with Iron Man in Infinity War trailer and Cap allied with Black Panther.No wonder that all supreme beings of Earth might prove to be insufficient against The Mighty Thanos and his loyal Black Order.

Doctor Strange using Mystical Energy

Where most of our superheroes are genetically mutated or enhanced and others use advanced technology to their advantage, Doctor Strange bears sorcery skills and weapons powerful enough to be looked upon to match any alien God. In such a scenario, it is doctor strange whose sorcery skills can be looked upon to give Thanos a bad beat.

Doctor Strange Astral Projection

It has been a significant time since he acquired his superpowers and we can say he is quite ready to use it to maximum potential. He has utter control over mystical forces and the Cloak of Levitation adds to his strength.

Doctor Strange and Eye of Agamotto

He posesses the eye of agamotto that has the time gem Thanos is looking for. We may expect a gigantic duel among Strange and Thanos or his black order.

Doctor Strange with one of Thanos’ Black Order, Ebony Maw

It is to be noted that Strange is aware of wide variety of spells, he can create mirror dimensions, uses mystical energy to manipulate forces of universe to his advantage including projection of bolts, shields etc. That way he could be able to shift a lot of destructive forces to mirror dimension to prevent them from damaging earth. He is able to travel inter dimensionally through portals within a matter of time, no wonder he is able to push enemies out of the earth through this.

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The eye of agamotto has the power to warp realities and time. Who knows maybe the sorcerer supreme recalls those who die in the hands of Thanos.

In Marvel comics, Doctor Strange also built an Infinity Gauntlet for Black Panther to help him defeat Doctor Doom. There are good chances of expecting an Infinity Gauntlet exclusive for Avengers.

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