Everything You Need To Know About Captain Marvel From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain Marvel is one of the most exciting Marvel Phase 4 projects in the Marvel cinematic Universe.  and it is likely that the character Ruby introduced in the second part of the Avengers Infinity wars.  they have been interviews with Kevin Feige has described Captain Marvel as the most powerful super hero in the MCU.  

But there’s not much known about the character apart from her Comic book appearances. Spider female character Captain Marvel  is seen as the from card for Marvel Phase 4 of films. There are some facts about Captain Marvel which we think that you should know. Check out in the post right here below :



Captain Marvel seems to possess some insane amount of Superhuman abilities.  her powers include the ability such as super strength and the ability to levitate.  Apart from that she can also travel faster than the speed of sound. The most impressive of the lot is her psychic abilities. She seems to have a 6th and a 7th Sense and is able to manipulate energy. She has moved many stellar bodies including the white  hole.


The character is an alter ego of Carol Danvers  who was an ex US Army militant

Carol danvers was previously known by the identity of MS Marvel  and later came to be known as Captain Marvel.  She has also served the US Army


She is a common link between the Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Avengers

Not many people know that Captain Marvel has been a part of various other superhero groups including the Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy. Also she has also worked for the CIA, Daily Bugle and NASA. Her varied experience  with the various groups in the comics is the reason that she is a common link between the Avengers and Guardians Of The Galaxy.


She is going to be played by Oscar winning actor Brie Larson

The solo Captain Marvel movie is the first female solo film in the Marvel cinematic Universe. We can also go by the common belief that Marvel never miscasted  by the fact that  the powerful super character  will be played by Oscar winning actor Brie Larson. The movie is set for 8 march 2019 release.

The character was originally carved out as a feminist for later criticized for her costume

Captain Marvel now seems to describe the perfect equilibrium required in the Marvel cinematic Universe between the female and male characters.  but not many people know that originally she was conceived as a feminist ideology. Later Carol Danvers was criticized for her prominently sexist costume which made her look like a sexualized character.

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