6 Reasons Why Ezra Miller Is The Most Entertaining Flash DCEU Could Have

The Justice League featuring Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa might have been a disappointment at the box office but hey there is a reason why we love comic book cinematic Universes so much. They bring our most beloved characters to life. How else do you expect someone to have superpowers and still be believable? Yes, it is our iconic comic book characters.

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But for the live action films, it is the good actors who make our time to cinema worth it.  We love The Flash! He is a geeky young lad who is aware of his abilities and can use speed force to his advantage. Here is a considerate post about why Ezra Miller is the most entertaining Flash DCEU could have!

1. He Is The First One In A Cinematic Shared Universe

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He is just a nerd with superpowers, but the fact that he stands next to the likes of Batman and Wonderwoman making him even more so interesting !! The origin story takes him to be a part of Justice League. He would rock in a solo film too.


2. He Is The Awkward Nerd

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He is just someone who “push people and run away”. The reason what makes The Flash so awesome is that he is a science nerd and he knows how the speed force can help him vibrate faster than matter. He uses his knowledge of science to pass through walls and even sometimes travels timelines!


3. He Is A Great Bary Allen

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He has got a  good plot, a tragic past. He looks like what Barry Allen would have looked like, Ezra Miller is a great actor anyway and brings depth to his role. This is the Barry Allen we all want to see !


4. Awesome Costume

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Ezra Miller has got a great costume. It is more aerodynamic though a little different from the comics and more inspired by the injustice Gods game. As Bruce points out it is said to be made form the same material which is used in the space shuttle. Wow! that prevents things from burning up. That is some smart research.


5. The Possibility Of Flashpoint Paradox !

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Like no brownie points for guessing. Miller’s Flash is based in the DCEu. If we want a solo film, we get a bonus in Flashpoint Paradox. That will also include other characters from Justice League and an entertaining story. ( spoilers spared )


 6. He Has Got The Great Human Touch

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There is a lot to be exploited in the Flash storylines.  Despite being a superhero he is also the most believable characters from DC Comics. You cannot help but root for him.

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Hope you liked our take on the brand new The Flash from DC Cinematic Universe. We would be back with more special updates. Till then keep sharing with your friends on social media and let us know what you think in the comments section below.!


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