Falling Apart From Friends !! Here’s What The Deal Is And How To Deal With It

Change: It’s true , as high as mountains , as hard as rocks, brutal and as much sure as we can be. We all go through this phase. We all have to say Goodbye to our schools and college and along with them to the most we spent our most time with. Sooner or later we realize that our connections are fading away slowly.

Time change. Things change . And so do people. Like it or not , it is going to happen.

Now we are not as cool as we used to be. We don’t hangout much together. Phone calls are no more leisure time activity. Texting each other have gone to a level of pure formality. Laughing together was a matter of time and nothing remains the same.

#Reality: Actually the Reality is that as we sign off from our school or college , that actual moment changes us into grown-ups. We deny this fact though. But as soon as we get busy in work, there after Life actualy proves this.

Do you know what’s the worst part about change ? It changes you as a person . Suddenly you no longer like the same things. Its like walking up to a whole new person, out of the blue one morning. Except that this change happens over a period of time, WITHOUT you realizing the small but consequential steps till suddenly, you’ve transformed into someone else.

EGO : This is one of the main reasons why this is happening to all of us. When we message to our friend or call them like we always do , as we need to share something with them or we need their advice or opinion on something and for some Real Reason they are unable to reply to us at that moment. Here’s the turning point we start to see things differently.

When we no replies back to our phone or mail. We ourselves assume that our so called ‘Best Friend’ is super busy in some ‘Not So Important’ work , they no longer need us or they have found some friends in their new lifestyle n schedule that we do not fit in their lives anymore..

So our Ego causes frustration in our minds. We announce that ‘our friends’ are just some people that are no longer needed by us, as THEY DON’T NEED US ANYMORE. It’s all just our imagination actually. Nothing real goes in here. We don’t even try to meet them or sort out things anyhow just because our egos don’t let us to. And we even try to take revenge somehow by behaving in the same intentionally , not replying to their messages on time , cancelling bleeding plans and get together often just to show them we are happy alone..

And in the process now you are no longer as close to your friends from your school and college as you used to be. You’ve made new friends and because they happen to be more aware of your everyday life. You are closer to them. You like their company..

Sometimes life sets us apart from people geographically. It could be a job opportunity , shifting to a new city or somewhere , wedding or may be some family matters. And in the process we end up losing touch with friends.

However there are other times when living in the same city, you end up feeling distant from some people. It’s not because some things has happened. It’s actually because nothing has happened.


How To Overcome All Of This Screwing Situation?

Well first of all we all have to accept the reality that time brings us with time. We have to cope up with all the things around and certainly with our relations too.

  1. Try To Communicate : they have been the best part of your life for a long time. Always try to message first. Always try to start a conversation. Don’t act like small kids fighting over some little stupid issues. They are your best fiends after all, it just takes a minute or so to type some messages on your cell phone. This will always Remington your friends that you care and that’s the THERAPY your relationship needs.
  2. Try To Plan Meet-ups And Convince Everyone To Show Up On Time:

Never think why should I do it ? When each one of us will try doing this very thing the BOND will always remain the SAME. Friendship is the Best Relationship and it will never fail if you stay in touch with each other. That’s all it needs.

  1. Understand Each Other’s Situation : This is the Real Task in here and this is the Game Changer point we all should remember. Always try to understand the Situation at the other end. Time not remains the same at all times. It’s not the way to make stories in mind about others. We have to be real in these real friendship games. Each of us can be quite busy at times to even check our phones or the social network messages we are in. But that is really Okay. Just be realistic and everything is going to be fine.
  2. Remove the word ‘EGO’ from your life:

Yes , Remove it this very second you are reading this. As it is the reason why we are behaving in a particular manner or not. Ego ruins everything , any relationship not just ‘friendship’ . Do not let your mind sink the Ego Ocean. Otherwise you’ll end up staying alone for once and always. As it will smash your old friendship and don’t even let grow the new ones.

Well in the end we would like to say,”these sweet relationships aren’t made to be broken so easily”. We all have to make some sorts of efforts to keep the Spark Alive. Friends are the best part of life. Let your friendship win..


Hope this little article help you in any way. We always try to add some light to your lives.  If you have any suggestions you can email us at amazinggeekworld@gmail.com or questions please ask and clarify in the comment section below.

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