First Day Of My 30 day Pilates Body Challenge Workout

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It helps a person become strong and flexible. It improves body balance and develops core muscles. It is a unique system of exercise.

My Fitness Dilemma

I am in my late forties almost 15 pounds overweight. I am losing muscle mass over the years for the lack of exercise. My aim is not to lose weight but to gain muscles , improve flexibility and get rid of body pain. I want to increase stamina. I have joined the gym twice but could not continue for more than a month. Gym exercises leave my muscles sore, joints jammed and energy depleted.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”-Joseph Pilates.

Time to take action


I read many articles on fitness. There was an article on comparison of Pilates and Yoga. It stated that former makes you strong and flexible. I have some experience of doing yoga. It is very slow, requires lots of patience and time to see some results. Finally I decided to give Pilates a try.


I came across a youTube video-“The Balanced Life Pilates with Robin Long” 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge. Each video is almost 10 minutes long. It seemed pretty comfortable to take out 10 minutes everyday. I want to share my experience of Pilates with people like me. I hope this keeps me and my readers motivated. I wish to glide through it successfully and have bigger fitness goals for future.

Today is the first day and I have just finished my workout. This workout is meant for the legs. Basically it comprises of 60  squats. The technique for these is little different from normal squats. These are not monotonous. They require a better body balance. I took help from my little friend. She checked me for correct body posture. My maximum capacity for normal squats is 36. I completed 60 squats, not very easily though. I was slower than Robin Long. My legs are not sore but do feel worked out. I had pain in my right heel that is no longer palpable. I will share with you tomorrow how it feels after one day.

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