The First Detailed Look Of HulkBuster Armor From Infinity War Is Spectacular !

It is look like Marvel is gearing up in full swing for the Avengers Infinity War. Naturally the studio has the best of cards and continues to make some technological up-gradations. There have been some speculations about the Iron Man armors in the movie, one of which happens to be the Hulkbuster armor. As we see the natural progression of events has Thanos attack the Earth in search of the remaining Infinity Stones. The Hulk Buster can be seen in Wakanda. If the expert fan theories are to be believed than it is Banner and not Tony in the Hulkbuster armor in the battle of Wakanda.

We had seen Banner and Thor on the Asguardian ship by the end of Thor Ragnarok. In the trailer it is believed that Bruce Banner and Thor seemed to have made an agreement to split up for the war. While Tony is nowhere to be seen in Wakanda. Hulk can be seen having a talk with Black Widow with the armor in the backdrop ( something which looks like the end of War Of Wakanda ). It is believed that Banner too control of the armour and got an upgraded armor form Tony.


The detailed look at the armour has been revealed and it looks nothing less than spectacular. You can see the technological upgrades on the suit are visible. It was so as Tony Stark had fought the Hulk before with Vernoica on the Hulkbuster armor. Now the suit is war ready and seems to have made some changes which make it more fit to fight the Army of Thanos.

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The Avengers are back and there are many challenges which they need to face. A lot has been said about Tony’s Iron Man Suots and Marvel has always kept the tech game up by making constant upgradations to the suit over the years and over the course of movies.

All we can say that we will have a lot to cherish in the upcoming big showdown that is Avengers Infinity War. For more stay tuned to amazing geek world. Till then let us know what you think in the comments section below !! Also do not forget to like us on facebook 

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