The Future Of DC Extended Universe After Justice League

Marvel has already made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry and proved their mettle with great casting, good choice of scripts and amazing comic book titles coming to life on the silver screen. Compared to that the DC Extended Universe is still in a very young stage in movie developments.  The first Justice League movie is yet to be released and some of the major characters are get to get their own solo films.  this however does not mean that the DC Extended Universe does not have a potential to prosper. Currently after wrapping up the Justice League movies there are talks about a  Nightwing solo film.  


Young Superhero Spin Offs Such As Nightwing

As far as the presence of Batman in The DC Extended universe is concerned,  when I click would continue to appear with cameo appearances with sounds like Wonder Woman 2 Batgirl and suicide squad.  his major projects include working on a Batman Flashpoint film and a solo movie which very well will released by 2022/23. To expand their entertainment Universe DC go concentrate on films like  Teen Titans  and other spin offs. The Teen Titans spinoff might very well originate from a Nightwing solo film.   


Batman Beyond

Apart from that if a real Batman Beyond film happens then the audience will witness  the real Batman mentoring the young superhero. That that would be really cool as we have already seen Tony Stark mentor the young Spiderman. And naturally Batman is in the latter stages of his life making him more eligible for this kind of role.

DC Extended Universe will also leave possibilities for young Justice League reboots with new Superheroes. The coolest thing would be if DC follows the Marvel model of getting more Technology with the Batman Beyond flick . The only thing is that the DC entertainment Universe needs some good execution of their important titles to find box office success.


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