Green Lantern Corps Movie Not Cancelled – Other Updates From DC Universe

So now the projects involving DC Universe have gone more or less haywire as Justice League failed to live up on the hype. Some of the recent confirmations from the heads at the DC studios have confirmed that the Green Lantern Corps movie will be made after all. The rumors surrounding the fact that the film might be shelved has been put to rest as confirmed by David S Goyer.

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David has been hired as a new executive and Warner Bros DC division is likely to be going through a lot restructuring in the recent time. There have been a few attempts by Zack Sydner in the past to make a worthy DC Universe with some dark toned films. Though Synder gave us a worthy Batman and a right Superman, his movies have never been well recieved by critics. As per now we know the movie will be set up in space.

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At this point DC seems to be focusing on self contained stories such as the Flashpoint and the Green Lantern Corps movie. This is not a bad thing particularly because utlimately it is good storytelling that wins at the box office. For fans with the DCEU movies have been impatient with the hunger for a good DC movie. this has not been happening for a long time, although now there is a shared DC superheroes Universe. The stand alone films give the characters a chance to develop and be recognized by fans as their own. At the same time if it gives a kickstart to the shared Universe then why not.

We can see that Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot has done so well in the past. As comic book fans all we can hope is that we have good content driven movies which also vlaue the source material. Another news has it that Wonder Woman 2 directed by Patty Jenkins will not be based in the present day timeline. All we can hope for is now good Marvel films and good DC movies.

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