A Guy Built Captain America Shield And It Is 100% Functional

Can you imagine somebody running around on the streets with the same dignity and power of a comic book character. but hey thanks to technology it is no longer a far fetched dream.  this time around somebody tried something that Use technology to call Captain America shield. He has used some very sophisticated strategies  to make his dream to be Captain America or reality.  

For that purpose we use some really sophisticated electromagnetic disc to attach  Captain America Shield to his wrist. It has everything from super strength to being immune to all the kind of attacks and the ability to even break bricks. Well don’t believe us,  watch it in the video below :

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The abilities of the shield even by comic book standards are insane. the props used a Electromagnet and a rest holder for the home gadgets. The Shield has sterile  strength  and can also do some real life work. in the video the guy even make cell spoof audition tape for Captain America civil war.  in the video he has even uses electromagnets to stop a truck and pulling it off by holding the other end. Even make some more creative use of the shield even Steve Rogers would respect. He is seeing hanging off from lory, throwing barrels, balancin in his cat on the shield  even catching the round shaped armour from a distance.

 The Shield looks combat ready and the guys also a really strategically aware about the great abilities of the shield. Looks like a self proclaimed fan of the American loyalist superhero,  as he was the cat costume in all the footage on the video.  and the she looks so real as if directly borrowed from Marvel movie. If this does not impress comic book fans then what will ??

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