5 Awesome Things That Would Would Happen If The DCEU Was Headed by Kevin Feige !!

The DC entertainment universe is yet to come its to its full fruition  as far as response from the fans is concerned.  although the cinematic universe from the Marvel competitor studio  has finally rushed to a Justice League franchise and a Wonder Woman solo movie.  But the DCEU is far from realising its full potential  and even the most loyal of fans of the studio would agree to that.  Marvel on the other hand has a 10 year glorious run at the box office and continues to carve out some really big anticipated movies like The Avengers Infinity wars.

Nonetheless we do to even healthy competition.  so we came up with an interesting idea  that the DC would be in a much better place in the cinematic spectrum if they learn some great lesson from Kevin Feige the Marvel Biggie.  in this interesting course we will look at the possibility of what would happen if the DCEU was headed by Kevin Feige :

Zack Snyder meanwhile could be directing Marvel Films such as Captain America Civil War

If the Marvel Biggie goes to the DC Studios that what would the DC people do ??  obviously they would look for job the other studios.  In that parallel Universe don’t be surprised if Kevin Feige heads the DC Studios and Zack Snyder directs Captain America Civil War ( Obviously no offense Zack is a great director but then Marvel films would turn out to be a little dark.)

These  characters would finally have a sense of humour

One thing that  Kevin Feige can do to the Marvel cinematic Universe or any cinematic universe is bring a sense of  lightheartedness to the characters make sense but there will be a lot of humour and form element in the scripts. 


There would be more technology and less magic in the DC films

The DC films rely too heavily on the supernatural elements for most of the story line and the superheroes. But when it comes tomorrow there seems to be a logical reasoning and Science behind everything that they bring to the audience. Then you would see most of the DC he was using really sophisticated gadgets to help the purpose.  Who knows maybe even Batman has a Jarvis like assistant.

We would have been spared of suicide squad and a better Joker

having Kevin Feige as the studio help in any cinematic Universe comes with its own set of perks and benefits. Marvel Studios take all the characters very seriously and invest in them.  if that’s the case then we would have a most critically acclaimed villain squad and also with a better Joker.

The DC characters won’t stop taking digs each other but without  dark tone

Currently Ben Affleck remains one of the major relief as far as comic timing is concerned. Otherwise all characters like Aquaman and Superman take themselves way too seriously.  if Marvel had a way that even DC characters would take things at each other with sarcasm.


Anyways we don’t like to mix the creativities of both the Studios as both of them are coming out a different content  for audiences to see. For more amazing facts and peeks in the world of entertainment keep coming back to amazing  geek world. And please hit the subscribe button for regular updates and let us know what you think in the comment section below !


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