What Would Happen if Zack Snyder Directed Marvel Movies ???!!?!?!

Zack Snyder is in the only one of the most unconventional a successful directors of our times. And directing so many comic book movies under the banner of DC Comics is also and  honour in itself.  While DC films directed by Zack Snyder are known for their brooding dark themes,  Marvel movies carry the same, comic book charm with a very light tone and humour to it.  

Zack Snyder friends on the other hand unless understood by the critics  and surprisingly Marvel movies are equally critically acclaimed. But there is no doubt that there are so many fans of this Batman V Superman director. In this interesting post we will have a look on the possibilities beyond the DC Marvel barriers. Where is a post on Earth 1 what would happen if Zack Snyder directed movies. Scroll below and let the fun begin !

The humour in the movie should be cut down totally and would be replaced by a concern whether humanity should be saved or not

A hell lot of screen time would be dedicated by heroes for brainstorming on the idea of whether or not humanity deserves to be saved.  The humour in the movies would be replaced by a dark undertone.

They would be a lot of R rated movies in the MCU

 Given the amount of violence In even the simplest of side kick movie such as the Ant man,  Black Panther  and  others would result in a lot of R rated movies for  the Marvel cinematic Universe.

Heroes are going to spend most part of the film sulking and brooding

A lot of major Marvel Heroes such as the Iron Man Captain America and Thor are going to spend most of their screen x brooding and always talking on the faith of the Avengers and humanity in general.

The movies or have a lot of slow motion action sequences

One positive thing about Zack Snyder getting the directors table in Marvel would be the most fascinating slow motion action sequences.  tomorrow is full of action but the director can add pretty much to the editing making the fight scenes have more depth

 The marvel fans are more likely to be depressed

the downside of having this experiment for movies is that a lot of Marvel fan will come out of theatres being depressed about the pot lines of the movies.  the movies might be good but the characters and storylines might make people sulk in their seats.

Every script on the table would require the destruction of New York city

This is an essential element of the director from the DC.  Even if it is not an Avengers sound most of the plot such as Spider-Man Homecoming would require the New York city coming down to shackles just because the director things that it is an artistic creation.

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