4 Reasons Why Big Franchises Make Wonders at The Box Office

As much as we complain about the big film remakes at the box-office there are films that we still love and that makes them a hit at the box office. In the recent years, it seems that Bollywood also has a bunch of big franchises which are turning out to have a cult following out of popularity and the fact that everyone keeps on watching them. So what makes big franchises such big hits at the box office. Here are 4 reasons which help make big franchises work at the box office :

Relatable Characters

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The reason why you buy a ticket to those big money spinners and big franchises is that you mostly know what you are paying for. Hence the risk is minimized and there is a type of the audience for the film already. What makes these films memorable is the great characters they have which leave an impression on the fans. The filmmakers know this and hence they cast the actors in similar roles.

Similar Music

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This is especially true in the case fo the Dhoom franchise. The first Dhoom was a big hit and it had a music album which almost got the classic cult status. You would still remember Tata Young singing “Dhoom Machale” and the other tracks with background score. The same legacy was continued by Hrithik dancing to Dhoom Again and boy what dance moves! It is easier for the audience to remember a film when they remember the music and that’s what makes film do the business ( this phenomenon is rare and happens only in Bollywood and not overseas ).

Listen to the music here : https://youtu.be/NsZ0K-wEcRA


Sometimes Nostalgia

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Wonder why “Judwaa 2” was such a big hit. Yes it was entertaining but it had a flawed script( a storyline in David Dhawan entertainer, don’t even ask, just have fun). Most of the Salman fans and even Varun fans connected with the nostalgia they experienced inside the movie theatres further keeping the audience remember the film.

Star Power

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Yes, this is true in the case of many franchises such as Don 2, Golmaal Series, Housefull etc.  Audience like the same stars and if you give them a formula that they liked before and remake the film on a bigger scale then the films are mostly likely to become a money spinner franchise. Tiger Zinda Hai might be the latest addition ot this.


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