How Rune King Thor Would Change The Events Of Thor Ragnarok

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Thor Ragnarok Marks for very important event in the Marvel cinematic Universe. And as you have might have noticed in the trailer that Thor loses his hammer.  but and have been asking all over that how can thought why without his hammer. At the end of the trailer however what you see is actually Rune King Thor. Here are some things that we want you to know !


Hella The Goddess Of Death Cannot Be Defeated Without Odin

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Hella is termed as the Goddess of Death and she is very powerful making her almost invincible. The only person who can defeat her is Odin. Since Ragnarok marks the death of Asgard, Odin is absent from the scene.

Rune King Thor Is Infinitely Powerful As He Possesses Odin Force

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Rune King Thor has been depicted in the comics as a far superior powerful version of Thor. This is the reason why Thor can even fly without a hammer, yes you got a glimpse of Rune King Thor in the trailer !!

Ragnarok means That there Is No Odin To Protect Asgard

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Ragnarok is a cycle in the comics after many years when Asgard has to face death. Quite literally Hela comes to Asgard as there is no Odin. How the cinematic version portrays Ragnarok would also be very interesting to see. Hela has the power over dead realms courtesy Odin and she is a child of Loki from a different reality.


Thor Has To Go Through A Journey To Become Rune King Thor To Get Rune Powers

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In the comics, Thor has to fulfill some conditions before he gets the power of Rune King Thor. He has to go through the history of Asgard and he has to make a sacrifice in order to get the Rune King powers. The reason why that version of him is so powerful because it has access to Odin Force which is an unlimited source of energy.  In the comics, Rune King is considered so powerful that he is the only one who can defeat Thanos ( ya seriously )  !! So basically what you see in the trailer with Thor could be the deal breaker in the movie. As it will give him the command to defeat Hela.


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