Most Iconic Spiderman Super Villains In Marvel History

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No matter how much the marvel cinematic universe expands, spider man was and will remain one of the most popular and inspiring marvel comic book characters. And there is so much to the so called spider-verse than has been explored. Here is a look at our favorite spiderman supervillains who have tested our hero’s very existence.

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We have compiled list on the basis of character’s comic book history, movie appearances and overall character appeal and relevance. Check these out :

1. Doctor Octopus

Docotor Octopus is much like our very own beloved spiderman in many ways but with a little twist in the story. He is a science freak and does a great job with his tentacles, but this one supervillain also makes our spidey groon with his greatest of fears. Our hero nevertheless comes over it sooner or later.

2. Kingpin

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Kingpin is one of the most feared crime lords in the marvel Universe, also makes for a very fascinating spiderman supervillains. Kingpin is a highly intellectual scientist with the best anti-hero strategies to give spider a hard time with most of his plans. Sadly he is yet to even get a cinematic appearance.

3. Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the hunter is one of the stronger characters in the spiderman universe. Initially a mercenary and later started to restore his honor became more interesting os Spiderman characters. He is also famous for notoriously burying Peter Parker alive in one of the greatest comic book series in the spidey timelin

4. Venom

The Venom was first introduced as an alien symbiote in the comic books. Later he became an alter ego of Eddy Brock, subsequently becoming the most menacing and iconic spiderman villains of all time. We wish to see more potential of the character being exploited on the silver screen as well.

5. Carnage

One of the more unknown facts of the marvel cinematic universe, is that the Carnage as terrifying as Venom, is loosely based on the Joker from the DC universe. The character Cletus Casady in Carnage is a total psychopath with no sense of morality or awareness makes him the most iconic villains even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hard luck he has never made it to cinema but remains the best villain in comics.

6. Electro

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A little unconventional, but undoubtedly one of the most challenging villains that spiderman has faced. With a not so inspiring origin story, he still makes for a great menacing villains in the MCU.

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