Infinity War Trailer 2 Is Out And The Awesome Moments Will Freak You Out !!

Looks like Marvel will always stay a step ahead of fans as the marketign time has got the nervous of all the fans in the MCU.  If you thought that this movie was all about freaking out seeing all the superheroes together then you might be in for a surprise. The 2nd most awaited trailer of the Avengers Infinity War is out and Oh Boy ! are we impressed. Marvel seems to be doing a lot of things right, you can check it out in the trailer down below.

Guardians Will Join The Avengers

Although there isn’t much space for light moments, we see the trademark MCU humour in the tension ridden film. If the first trailer was all about Thanos and Avengers lading up together then this Trailer is more about the imminent danger that our heroes will find them in. We can see Peter Quill exchange some nuances with Tony and Spidey. The trailer looks like all the missing piece that fill the picture. According to the studio, the movie is set a couple of years further from Captain America Civil War.

We See More Of Spider-man

We also see a lot more of Peter Parker and looks like Spider-Man has a big role to play in this movie. Tom Holland looks great and makes use of every frame given to him. in the end we also see spidey swinging through theweird machine gadget that we saw in the first trailer in the Sky.


Thanos With A Helmet

We get to see in this trailer how it is also so much more about the Mad Titan promising to wipe out just half of humanity to bring balance to the Universe as he sees it. Gamora is said to be in a conversation with ony Stark, the guardians and Avengers seem to have re-united fully to this point.

We see many of the Avengers being attacked including Vision, Doctor Strange and Captain America. We have seen Thanos face off Tony and Spiderman in the previous trailer. We even see him using the space stone to pull out a fool moon. There has been some smart editing here which looks like Marvel is not ready to give any spoiler. But we ca judge that the movie is going to be great. Cannot wait for it to come out next month.

Cap Faces Thanos

Oh yea we see Captain Grab the gauntlet trying to defend himself from Thanos. This is most likely a scene from an aftermath where the battle of Wakanda could have taken place. Thanos seems to over power all of the heroes, and this will continue even after the movie.

Since the movie comes out in two parts, there will be a lot of things happening and this is just the beginning !We also see Bruce Banner, Rhodey, Black Panther, Falcon and Captain together in this scene. It is hard to figure out whatever happens but this movie looks more promising with each coming trailer and sneak peak. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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