Tony Stark Vs Eddie Brock AKA Venom – Who Would Win And Why ??

So guys the big question is that, if ever Iron Man and Venom go on a one on one then who will take the biggest slice of the cake. While Venom is a pretty powerful Spider Man Villain, Iron Man aka Tony Stark is the most experienced Avenger who is a super genius despite having no natural super powers. So it is now hands down the symbiote villain vs the most iconic Marvel hero Iron Man !! So let us explore the possibilities of this dual ! To simplify in this post we will assume Venom to be the alter ego of Eddie Brock, the most popular version of him.

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Tony Stark Without The iron Man Armour Vs Venom

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Despite being put to battle without the suit Tony Stark is a pretty competitive dude and has encountered and won over various situations in the comic. And speaking about a dual battle he might be much more physically weak when it comes to taking over Venom in his fully powered Avatar. But then you know the man makes the suit and the suit does not make the man. Tony is pretty much the Bruce Wayne of Marvel. If given the time for preparation then Tony Stark will very well know that Venom is vulnerable to high sonic energy. he is a master of building gadgets and before the symbiote would attack Tony will already utilize some metal and lead him to a place where he would be trapped. So even though the genius might be injuired by his gimmicks he will somehow trap Venom.

Winner : Tony Stark

Tony Stark In His Iron man Suit Vs Venom

So what will happen if Tony gets some access to the suit itself ! he will get himself in the suit. And the amount of tech support Iron man will have we would be able to do some precautionary damage. With the power of flight Iron man can compete with Venom going crazy all over the place. Still his artifical intelligence system will scan out Eddy Brock. And the Iron man repulsors can generate some sonic blasts to get the symbiote in control

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Winner : Iron Man


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