Justice League 2 Confirms Lex Luthor And Deathstroke As The Main Villains

JL has opened a wider tunnel of speculations for all the upcoming films in cinematic universe, including Justice League 2. With successfully establishing almost all the super heroes, there has not been a single announcement about the fate of its sequel. However, makers might be trying to tease rise of prominent supervillians for its sequel primarily including Lex Luthor and Deathstroke. As shown, Slade Wilson succeeds in getting Luthor out of prison where he makes a proposal of building their own team making it probable for their possible presence in Justice League 2.

DC Entertainment studios have officially announced an undated Justice League Dark film based on comic book adaptation which paves another possibility of either pushing the JL Dark after Justice League 2 featuring the duo and some other supervillains. Another theory points that they have a major role in some major superhero spin off. Considering their significance in the universe, we might see Lex Luthor paired up essentially with Deathstroke against Superman in Man Of Steel 2.

As mentioned earlier, we may even expect a gradual super villain alliance being formed over the cinematic timeline with a lot of possible additions, making it the iconic Secret Society of Super Villains standing against the league. Some of them we believe may join:

Black Manta : We all know that Aquaman is set to release in december 2018 and makers have confirmed its sechedule to have been wrapped up. Black Manta will be debutting as the main villain in the flick giving another good hint of him joining Luthor’s alliance. Lex Luthor’s ability to influence and Black Manta’s unresolved grudges against a prominent league member leaves no doubt for such a speculation.

Black Adam : Makers have already planned Shazam film confirming Dwayne Johnson reprising role of Black Adam. An undated Black Adam film is also announced. This ancient Egyptian is one of the most powerful beings in DC and considering the characters significant presence in the universe, we may expect him to join hands with Luthor and his men.

Talia Al Ghul : We all know that an undated Batman film is already through roller coasters, creating a lot of ruckus in the media. With no clear confirmation regarding the film, there may even be possibility that we can expect presence of Talia Al Ghul in the universe and without any surprise joining the league. It may be noted that Talia Al Ghul was a part of original Secret Society of Super villains in the comics.

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