Justice League Confirms There Is Something Brewing Between Bruce Wayne And Diana Prince

So fans had been speculating a lot of possibilities for the dynamics that the characters would share in the future. The Flash and the Aquaman have already enjoyed some appreciation with their screen time in the recently released Justice League. And yes ofcourse there are many other surprises in the film that you would know if you have watched the film.

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One of the most interesting and humanly angle that might be an interesting piece for the audience is the possibility of something brewing between Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince. Now that isn’t surprising given the fact that it has been also done in the comics quite a few times. As we can see that Zack Snyder movies are really close to reality and we haven’t seen many link ups in the DCEU so far, it is a welcome change from the Clark Kent and Lois Lane love story.

The fact that it has been done by well established characters like Bruce and Gal Gadot’s character makes it a possible fan favorite. Bruce Wayne in a scene enacted by Ben Affleck seems to be jealous of Wonder Woman’s past, telling her to move on and naming Steve Trevor.

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This makes Gal push him and pack a punch. Well there is definitely some tension going on in here. Both characters seem to make up for this friction after Wonder Woman makes a friendly move on Batman in another scene. So we can be sure that there is definitely some chemistry between Bruce and Diana Prince. And this has also been admitted by Ben Affleck in one of the promotional interviews for Justice League. This would also be really interesting as the dynamics of this relationship might also change in the future Flash Point. But the way it is presented is quite endearing and it is likely to get a thumbs up form DC fans.

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