Marvel / DC Movie Actors Net Worth Listed – The Richest Most Loved

Wonder how hard you marvel and DC movie actors work to entertain you with comic book storylines on the big screen ?? Yea, we wonder that too ! Some actors were big stars even before they made it to Marvel and DC and on the other hand some are rising names in the Industry starting with Warner Bros / Marvel Studios. So here is looking at the your favorite actors net worth list :

Ben Affleck : $ 75 Million

Ben Affleck is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood Industry. Apart from his acting stints, he has proven his name in the writing and acting department. The charming Batman of DCEU stands at a net worth of $ 75 Million on the list ! He is the third richest actor in this list only after two more names to be seen in this post.


Robert Downey Jr $ 220 Million

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The name says it all, Robert Downey Jr is not just a name, this man is a brand of it’s own. He has single handedly been seen as the face of MCU. He is even reported to draw an $ 80 Million dollar salary from Marvel He is the second richest actor on the list but he is just everyone’s favorite nevertheless.

Henry Cavil $ 8 Million

Henry Cavil until recently was the flag bearer of DCEU, Man Of Steel for Warner Bros. He stands at an $ 8 Million Dollar actors net worth.

Ryan Reynolds $ 75 Million

Ouchie !! You thought you talking about Marvel and DC , guess what Deadpool made on the list too !! Ryan Reynolds is a popular Hollywood star known for his tongue in cheek humor and his most iconic persona AKA Deadpool. he stands at a $ 75 being the third richest on the list equaling Ben Affleck.

Hugh Jackman $ 100 Million

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Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor universally identified for his role as Wolverine in various X-Men films. He has amassed a fortune with his Logan avatar and stands at an impressive $ 100 Million actors net worth.

Gal Gadot $ 8 Million

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If you ask her fans, then she is much more valuable a property to DCEU thanks to her super successful appearance as Wonder Woman being the most critically acclaimed entry in the DCEU. Gal Gadot has a $ 8 Million net worth.

Chris Evans $ 40 Million

Chris Evans dons the role of dignified Captain Steve Rogers in various Avengers and solo character films. He has a net worth of $ 40 million.

Chris Hems worth $ 60 Million

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Starting of as the mighty Thor, Chris Hemsworth is winning accolades all over the world with his brilliant Thor Ragnarok. The Australian actor stands at an impressive net worth of $ 60 Million.

Will Smith $ 260 Million

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Will Smith is the most well established Hollywood actor on the list and also remains the most valuable. He plays Deadshot in the DC Extended Universe ( more recently in Suicide Squad ) and has a net worth of $ 260 Million, even surpassing Robert Downey Jr.


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