How Marvel Would Distribute The Hulk Story Arc In A Course Of 3 Movies

So Marvel fans have already had a great time with the recent mythological saga Thor ragnarok. As critics had a feast, Taika Waititi delivered the most fun and bright MCU movies in a long time. One of the reasons why fans were so hugely entertained by the film was that Hulk had a smashing time in the movie quite literally. For starters Marvel does not have the solo movie rights to the Hulk. And then the studio in collaboration with Mark Ruffalo decided to distributed the Hulk movie arcs over a course of 3 different Marvel film.

One as you have guessed was Thor Ragnarok which to the well aware comic book fans was a story arc based on the comic book Planet Hulk storyline. Now as excited as you are, you would ask, what next ?? Spoilers, aside there a strong possibility that Bruce Banner Hulk will pick up from his situation from the ending of the Thor Ragnarok movie and somehow will land up in the second arc of the story in the Infinity War movie.

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Marvel might start getting creative with their character and Hulk might turn up against the Avengers which might be a screen representation of World War Hulk storyline ( in the comics the Avengers conspired to have the Hulk forcibly leave Earth on a space ship similar to what happened in Avengers Age Of Ultron, only difference being Hulk suspects threat around him and leaves on his will ) . This might be done over the course of two movies so Hulk has his own version of story playing out inside the MCU. Now the story does not end here. Hulk is a pretty worthy character so you do not expect Marvel take him so lightly. Why would they, neither do the fans.


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There a number of movies coming out like Spider Man Homecoming 2, Doctor Strange 2 and Captain Marvel where one of the final arcs of the Hulk storyline might be played borrowed from the comics. Nowhere Marvel might get more inspired by comics as there is another Hulk title featuring Hulk in Maestro where an alternate version of Hulk from the future might surface. Now given the fact that Doctor Strange can go back and forth in time, there is a possibility that we might to see an evil version of Hulk in the movies. All we can say that we had a bang in Thor Ragnarok and can’t wait to see more of Bruce Banner and Hulk in future MCU titles. Well played Marvel, well played !!

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