Did Marvel Not Skip The Soul Stone From Black Panther Or Didn’t They ?

Marvel seem to have made out a well diverse and connected cinematic Universe with back to back solo films and team up movies making it as huge success at the Box Office. Well it looks like the Black Panther is no exception to the rule. The movie got a lot of things right with a fabulous acting black cast, the history of Wakadna with Vibranium and Chadwick Bosman, Michael B Jordan nailing their respective roles for T’Challa and Killmonger.

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However fans were expecting s surprise as this is the last Marvel film before Avengers Infinity War. So as you guys might have asked, where is the souls stone ?? The question to that might not be easy to answer. But it has to deal with what happened in the movie.


So what is that ? Some fan theories have speculated that the meteor that landed on Earth in ancient Wakanda and powers all of the vibranium on the kingdom does contain the soul stone. How is that, every Marvel movie that features a soul stone does so by portraying the power it has no matter in which form. For example the relaity stone was found in Ragnarok in liquid form. The fan theories also suggest that the heart shaped herb which T’Challa consumes in traditional ceremony to which he sees his father also has soul stone.

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This is because the herb leads the consumer to an astral plane where they interact iwht other souls. This is how Chadwick Bosman’s character is able to talk to T’Chaka and Kill monger talks to N’Jobu. This explains some of the powers of the souls stone as it contains all the souls and there is no mythological explaination how the Wakadnians are able to do so. not to mention there is a war on Wakanda in Infinity Wars featuring other heroes. So why Thanos eyes Wakanda also is because it contains the soul stones.

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We would have to find out until Marvel helps us land up at Avengers Infinity War in May this year. Till then you can let us know what you think in the comments section below !

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