6 Things That Will Probably Happen To Marvel In The Phase 4 Of Movies ( After Infinity War )

Marvel is going to witness a change of events after the aftermath of Avengers Infinity Wars. We have had almost the best of Phase 3 in movies like Avengers Age Of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Spiderman Homecoming, and Thro Ragnarok. When the dust settles down after the big multidimensional fight with Thanos, the other movies are going to be very very different changing the pace and look of things. So here is looking at the

More Significant Team Ups And New Avengers

The comic book storylines welcomes more Avengers then you see in the movies. There are many characters such as Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange etc who will not only become Avengers they might even rise to more important positions in the new Avengers teams. There can be more team ups in Black Panther, Ant Man and Spiderman movies. We won’t have the X-men and Fantastic Four characters though ( unless there are big studio tie ups ) as Marvel does not have the rights to them.


More Dependance On Spider Man And Addition Of Miles Morales

Spiderman is the most loved comic book character of all time but he is relatively new to MCU and also very young. As Peter faces new challenges by the end of Avengers Infinity War and Spider Man Homecoming 2, he will be a whole lot more significant and experienced. As we know Peter Parker has faced a lot of paranormal activities, threats from other world etc with more exciting storylines and characters. Given the fact that Spiderman is such a dependable MCU character he might even become the face of Marvel studios by the beginning of Phase 4 ( which starts with Homecoming sequel ). Exciting !! And the possibility of existence of Miles Morales has also been teased in the first movie. So keep more coming.

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Doctor Strange 2

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Marvel Comics has carved out a niche into different genres of comics. And mind you fans, MCU is not just about technology, it is as much about metaphysical stuff, reality warping and everything Doctor Strange stands for. The sequel of Doctor Strange will be set in a much more aware exposed version of Marvel Cinematic Universe. A few cameos may work but Doctor Strange 2 will be an event of it’s own.


More Power Packed Solo Films And New Sequels

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There are many power packed solo franchises in the pipeline such as Captain Marvel and Black Panther. Some more sequel like Ant Man and The Wasp along with Black Panther sequel will also bring more exciting events to the MCU. Also as Mark Ruffalo had discussed, the Hulk storylines might feature in some of these movies, just like they did in Thor ragnarok ( one arc done 2 to go !! )


Less Dependence on Iron Man

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The MCU was still young when Tony Stark got his solo film. We got many films where we got to see the best of Iron Man. But now as things change, everything does not remain the same and things don’t have to. We think that MCU will consider Robert Downey Jr stepping down his role as the brand bearer of Marvel and give more room to new characters and stories to take place. That does not necessarily mean that we won’t have an Iron Man 4. Who knows, maybe we will.


New Villains

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As more characters like Doctor Strange, Spider Man, Captain Marvel and Black Panther get their solo franchises, we will also see a lot of new villains making their way. We expect better storylines, stronger characters and worthy concepts from comics coming in Marvel Phase 4 of movies !! ( as optimistic as we are )


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