Mc Donalds Just Added Chocolate Pie To Their Menu Available Only In This Country !!

Mc Donalds is easily the most loved fast food family chain in the world. They have been known to serve America and various other countries for decades now. They have established industry and custoumer standards which people continue to love and enjoy. They have many standard offerings which have become your weekend deal and you always crave something or the other from Mc Donalds Menu.


But here is something that we would tell you that you guys would absolutely love and cherish. Mc Donalds has added a very tempting desert on their menu. Yes this is the chocolate pie we are talking about. But the bad news is that is is only available in South Korea and not everywhere around the world. Yet the chocolate pie is similar to the choco lava cake from Dominos and is present on the Menu of South Korea. The mouth watering delight is yet to enter the other countries. But we think by the first reactions that the audience won’t be able t wait for it untill it makes it to your place !!

The popular american hamburger and fast food chain was established in the year 1940. They got their first production line by the year 1948. The company is already planning to move it’s headquarters in Chicago by the year 2018. The fast food chain is found in 120 countries with serving almost 68 million customer everyday with about 36,889 chains. They get their 70% of sales from drive thru in the United States. They have 5,669 company owned locations with about 31,230 franchisee chains.

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