Here Is How The Future Of Peter Parker Looks Like In The MCU

We all know Spider-Man:Homecoming is already rocking the theaters with a bang and your next door supehero has again managed to woo the audience with this MCU spin off. The much lauded ensemble performance, the new Peter Parker and the exciting storyline convinces you towards a bigger picture of the superhero’s future in The Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here is a little glimpse of the future of everyone’s fave teen superhero :

  • Spidey/Peter Parker Maybe The New Face Of MCU

    MCU has already hit its Phase 3 and we are well aware of the its upcoming big projects. The fourth film in Avengers franchisee (Infinity Wars) seems to be the greatest leap marvel is planning to take. It is speculated that a lot will be changed within the universe including the introduction of new superheros and taking down some of the old A-Listers. People are putting more money on the first avenger (Captain America), or it maybe the most popular face The Iron Man.

    Meanwhile, Robert Downey Junior had expressed its intention to drop off MCU and the character before it gets ’embarrassing’. No wonder it has been a decade since this witty billionare is entertaining the audience. Considering all this, it is probable that Peter Parker with the mentorship of Tony Stark himself can be presented as the new popular figure. There is no denying in the fact that Spider-Man has been a household name worldwide and he has always proven to be a lucrative business for the producers despite its repeated reboots.

  • The Grey Shade Of Adrian Toomes (Vulture)

    Adrian Toomes had a much significant role in the movie better than how he is being depicted in the comics and animated series. No surprise ! Michael Keaton has been the right choice who awed the audience with his yet another phenomenal performance. In the mid- credit scenes, Adrian Toomes has been seen in a dialogue with a busted crime lord who supposedly is said to be Mac Gargan where, in a way Adrian lies about the fact that he recognises Spider- Man.

    Such empathy maybe for the reason Peter saved his daughter, other way he saved his life too or he just wants to keep it personal. He maybe not the stereotypical bad guy for he does it all to support his family without any significant self-centered ambitions. Additionally, the family guy persona, and the wit and grit are some of the traits he shares with his spidey counterpart.

  •  Michelle( Zendaya) Is The New MJ.

    People are somewhat disappointed with blink and miss appearance of the character of a potentially show stealing actress. Yet they ignored the big picture when the film makers cleverly teased Michelle being MJ in the post climax scene. It may be a trick (like the captain america post credit scene) but the girl somewhat compliments the comic book MJ. She is shown shallow, self absorbed and smartly sarcastic. Maybe we can expect her catching Peter Parker’s attention in Homecoming sequel and most probably in the third film of the franchise.

  •  The Prowler And Miles Morales

    Donald Glover shook the audience, especially comic fanatics when he made the revelation about his nephew, putting all the speculations of this burglar being Aaron Davis (The Prawler) and expecting the black spiderman sooner.

    Even Kevin Fiege himself confirmer the existence of Miles Morales in cinematic universe. Contradicting earlier facts, it may be probable that MCU decides to promote this new Spider-Man owing to legal ownership rights and other contigences, if arise between the production houses. All in all, would be exciting to see Peter mentoring his successor.

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  • Scorpion Rising And The Sinister Six

Mac Gargan has been teased in the mid- credits scene having a dialogue with Adrian Toomes while in the prison. The character has been played by Michael Mando spotted with a scorpion tattoo, supposedly evolving to Scorpion in later stage more through mechanical gadgets, like a cybernetic tail rather than
organic powers.
He speaks of the wraith he carries for spidey and his friends in the outside world helping him to take on Spier-Man. It could be a tease for sinister six with three of the members already being featured, the other expected to be Chameleon, Mysterio and Kraven The Hunter (purely because of their absence in other Spider-Man films).

  • We May Expect Gwen Stacey In Homecoming 2

    As of now, nothing has been confirmed or teased about the existence of Gwen Stacey in the MCU, but this unpredictable theory makes sense for they may keep it surprise for the sequel. Peter Parker is 15 in the film and according to comics, he meets Gwen while still undergraduate, thus keeping this debatable ‘true love’ of Peter off the trilogy in uncanny. We may expect Peter losing her in the third franchise Spider-Man: Gradutaion which sounding like it roughly spans around their graduation exactly when Gwen died (Pardon me for the bad spoiler and quite a far-sighted speculation).

  • The Iconic Iron Spider Armour

    The post climax scene will surely give you goosebumps when Tony reveals the million dollar suit with an invitation to Avengers for the Spidey boy. Iconic in the sense the suit was looking, the look and the colour combination matched that of Iron Spider suit Tony made with the help of Peter Parker in the comics. This maybe a great revelation for significance of Spider-Man in Avengers : Infinity Wars. Though it was later discarded by The Spider-Man in comic’s Civil War storyline, Peter mentioned it to be the best thing anyone can ever have in his life.

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