6 Most Happening Photo Booth Party Trends !

It is quite fascinating to observe so many trends being added to our social life in the past decade. Thanks to technology it never stops getting fun. The Photo booth trend for various parties and social events is one such trend.  Even the conventional party lovers are catching over this trend and accepting it on a more significant level. We can observe these trends to be evident in various forms and situation. Here are 7 Photo booth trends which are a sensation.


Theme Parties

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Theme parties can be of various forms such as comic character party / christmas party / halloween party / college get together. Apart from dress ups props and funky accessories are highly valued to add a zing and life to the party via photo booths.


Swimming Pool Parties

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Everyone likes to be around the pool, whether it is a hot summer party or just another happening social gathering on more personal level. There are no rules to such parties, you just have to be there wear your shorts, play some games, pose for some pictures in your personalized props and have a time of your life. 


Social Networking

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Now there are many ways in which youngsters are enjoying this trend. There are tablets, iPads, softwares and apps that can not only edit your pictures but also post them on your social media handles on an instant. You can even live stream your video shots and let your friends now that how crazy you can be 


Wedding Occasions

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For weddings especially there is a lot you can do to kill the monotony and get your guests in a better mood. You can posr in a theme with various friends and family. You can also involve the bride and the groom !


Classic Black And White Photoshoots

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These are better then Instagram photos because there are highly sophisticated cameras used from various angles You can maybe give a 1920’s look or even act a scene out with your friends. Now how cool is that !! Make more room.


GIF / Short Video Photo Shoots

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Are you puzzled ?? Need not be because you do not have to do much. just have fun, give a few poses and in no time the app will make the pictures into  GIFs. You can view them, edit them or even share them on social media to surprise your friends.


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