Who Plays Death In Avengers 4 Character Casting By Marvel

There have been a lot of speculations about the upcoming project that is Avengers Infinity War. The movie is coming out soon by summer this year and you know how the big the film is. It is loaded with casting choices from various Marvel films such as Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avengers and many more solo characters like black Panther and Captain Marvel. It is very clear this time that Marvel wants to keep a lot of information under the wraps as the studio heads are very vary. Death has been a character which not many people know is the driving force for the film. In the comics Death is a character that Thanos has fallen for.

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She is also the reason why Thanos wants to prove himself. Now we do not see any reason why that wont be a good plot point in the movie adaptation. As far as we know Marvel takes all the characters very seriously. At the same Death is a very important character and it won’t be introduced just like that.  the distinction is that death is used only as a symbolism right now in the Marvel Universe.  but because we think that the studio wants a stable promise for the film  it would be none other than the Goddess of death.  Yes we are talking about hello from Thor Ragnarok.

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The character  played by Cate blanchett and we do not see any reason why she won’t be an important lot. Driving turn off to the motivations that he already has with the Infinity Gauntlet. Now this would be very surprising in the light that Thanos is a dark villain causing a lot of suffering and “deaths” in the MCU. It is also very ironical that a supervillain ike the Mad Titan wants to impress a lady It was a treat to watch Cate Blanchett as Hela the mischievous and ruthless Goddess of death. It might also be fun to see someone like Thanos finding it hard to impress a goddess.

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All in all we can get a lot of things we do not expect from the movie. We can only hope to have a great movie in Avengers Infinity War. Till then keep coming back to amazing geek world for more updates and we would be right back. Do not forget to comment below and share our articles on facebook.

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