6 Things That Would Happen If Pokemon Go Characters Had Feelings ?!?!

Pokemon Go has been the biggest hit on the play store and Apple app store from the word “Go” ever since it was launched. So Pokemon Go is an augmented reality-based real-life game which involves players traveling from different locations to catch a set of Pokemon. Niantic has had great success in the past one year with the game and has established great connect with the lovers of Pokemon and new generation alike. In this interesting take of an article we will explore the possibilities of ” If Pokemon Go Characters Had Feelings!

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You Would Have Only One Pokemon Of Each Type

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There would be a certain sense of belongingness attached with every Pokemon you catch. In this scenario, every Pokemon would have a certain personality type and relationship with the trainer. So would need not catch many Pokemons of the same type in Pokemon GO.

Your Pokemons Would Need More Mentoring

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If Pokemon GO characters started to have feelings then you would need to give more consideration to your Charmander, Pikachu and Bulbasaur. All of them would have certain high and low energy levels, mood swings and need for love !!


You Might Need To Defeat A Pokemon Before Catching It

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If all the Pokemon Go Pokedex members had feelings then you would not catch them as objects. And just like the animated series we would not mind trainer having to get their Pokemon out to defeat and win over the arrogant Pokemon. After that, the behaviour change for each Pokemon would happen over time.


Trainer Would Learn More

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It would not just be the Pokemon but also the trainers who would learn as a result of capturing Pokemon and training them with the change in behaviour. A trainer would be more involved with the world of Pokemon and become a better player as a result!

Pokemon Would Evolve Themselves Without Candies

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If the augmented reality game became that very interesting then you would no longer need to count on candies as a mathematical progress to evolve them. They might be evolving through their fights, travel or interaction with the trainer. If they had feelings then they will evolve with time gaining maturity.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Augmented Reality

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The world has not yet seen this combination but it would be quite fascinating to witnessing artificial intelligence coming to life in the form of this great augmented reality game. Just imagine, players would be more entertained. Although I am not a coding expert to know how that will happen exactly as of now!


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