Is It Possible To Be Real Life Batman ?? Here is How

There is no denying the fact that Batman is one of the most iconic and relatable comic book character to ever have surfaced. The Gotham Hero does not possess any supernatural abilities, but it takes more than just being rich to be Batman !! Here is our take on how you could be Batman :

1. Training In Mixed Martial Arts

Batman can easily stand against any MMA professional wrestler when it comes to his skills in mixed martial arts. And that does not happen in just one day, it will require someone years of hard training and persistence, even for comic book batman !

2. A Cover Up Business Like Wayne Enterprises ( Image Nolan Movie )

Haha, yes ofcourse, no offence to anyone but you need to be born with a silver spoon even if you think of executing something like comic book Bruce Wayne. The Wayne Enterprises is a great cover up for Batman’s alter ego genius billionaire businessman, who has something to do during the daytime to keep the enemy attention divided.

3. A Mansion With A Specialized Batcave

As per some reports, a real life Wayne Mansion will cost somewhere around 300 thousand dollars. And you will also need a special underground batcave to keep all your superhero projects at bay from the real world ! Not to mention batman uses some real sophisticated super computers and gadgetry to keep himself up to date with the world.

4. Someone As Trust-Worthy As Alfred

Not to mention that nothing can be a greater support system for our orphaned hero. Apart from being a Butler, Alfred is his secret keeper, batcave operator and advisor friend.

5. Gadgets And Weapons

A Hand Glider would cost anywhere between 4000 to 10,000 dollars online. Batman cuts his own Batarangs so it is not likely to cost that much. A standard industry sheet metal costs 45 dollars ( 5000 square inches ) and can be used to cut out about 300 batarangs.  A usual black metal spray can also be fetched for 60 dollars (10 cans). A single tear gas grenade can also be bought for 200 dollars. A night vision goggle can also be fetched for 300 dollars.

6. Batmobile And Batpod

Apparently a road illegal batman tumbler has been built by an infamous motor developers called Team Galag. The batmobile cost around 1.7 million dollars. Some add ons like a super computer and GPS system along worth some elegant weaponry will multiply by cost to about 10 million dollars.

A standard Batpod replica has been sold on ebay for one hundred thousand dollars.

7. The Bat Suit  ( Source : Devian Art )

A standard batsuit can be assembled given it is loaded with all the props and accessories. A Kevlar body armour would cost around 3000 dollars with forearm blades costing 1000 dollars each. Carbon fibre enforcements would cost another 1,150 dollars. A Kevlar utility harness would cost another 385 dollars. A cool grappling hook launcher would also cost another 50,000 dollars, paired with Kevlar boots for a 1000 dollars.


8. Being World’s Greatest Detective

Not to mention Batman’s other super specialities such as a worldly wise charm and super will power, Bruce Wayne is also a very skilled master detective. This is something you are born with, but it will naturally require you to have the ability to assimilate information and create excellent super strategies, something which is a forte of our Dark Knight Gotham Messiah.


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