You Are Powerful Beings With Access To All Resources

Really humans, mostly one would ask, how vulnerable are human beings ?? That is not the right perspective. The right question you ask yourself is how powerful are you. The worst kind of misconception a person can have is the illusion of limitation. While really the truth is that we came forth to live extraordinary lives as extraordinary beings. Thousands of books have been written on the subject and many cultures have taled about it too. Humanity comes to evolve as a culmination of humans experiencing and deciphering lives through the filters of their mind. So the question is, how powerful are your thoughts ?? Very much. They shape and determine everything you look around you world including all the organic/non organic resources.

It is all about how you see it. Thoughts have the power to not only summon words, but they summon life force energy. So even when you think that you are not having a great time with your life, you are figuring that things and adding up more to the momentum. This explains why people who experience more adversities end up achieving more than people who are going through relatively smooth waters. We underestimate the power of our own thoughts, while we always end up reaping the benefits of creating some choices. And this is big, ever time you go through life and get things you do not want, you subconsciously create thoughts of what is that you are rooting for ( your desires ). So desire sets the universe in motion and summons all the resources required to get thigngs done for you.

And you are the one filling in all the details. So what is that which balances the equation, the universe functions on some laws, but there is basically no separation. Everything that happens is part of a bigger plan, the unified cosmic consciousness brings forth balance and peace. You can say that our planet evolves as a result of making choices. And we are just working parts that fit the divine plan. But that does not mean that there is no abundance, there is plenty of everything for everyone. The only limiting factor is the thoughts you put about the situation. Well then if you only know that there is power to choose your thoughts ?? Our situation is only as temporary as our thoughts. But all of it does not matter, we are blessed beings with access to all resources, and we have creative energy on our fingertips !

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