10 Most Powerful Spells From J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Universe Revealed

The Harry Potter Universe so far remains one of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring book franchises to come in almost this century. It has inspired a number of films, fandom communities and many more rip offs ( Fantastic Beasts ). Everything can be credited to the wonderful imagination of J.K. Rowling who made so many childhoods worth their share of this amazing wizarding world. Today we are going to talk about most powerful spells form the franchise.

We could have these spells only if we had better wands !! Now not taking much of your time, we are going to look to the Most Powerful Spells From J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Universe. Check them out :


1. Protego Maxima

Although Protego Maxima is just a defensive spell but it would be unfair not to count in in the list given how impressive it’s power is. It is even more special when used in conjection like when the multiple wizards used in in the Battle Of Hogwards. It is an improved version of the shield charm Protego and is effective against any kind of attack. It is an excellent fascinating spell in a wizarding world prone to attacks and destructive spells.You can check it out in the video below !

2. Bombarda Maxima – The Explosion Spell

Bombarda Maxima is an excellent spell which has been used many times in the films. This one spell can cause great mayhem if used for wrong purpose. The sole reason that it has has been listed in the post that it has the word “Maxima” in it.

3. Oblivate

The memory charm is a memory erasing spell. it also has been used by various wizards like Hermione. But the repercussions of this spell are pretty insane. You can not only make people forget things but also implant memories in them. It has been used to make other people think differently and even make people admit something they never did.

4. Fiendfyre

This is one of the most awesomest spells being used in the Harry Potter Universe. The spell is used to creat giant all consuming fire creation often in the form of an animal. This fire however cannot be extinguished with water ( ordinary or magical ). The spell being so destructive is often used for evil acts.

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5. Apparition

Source : Tumblr

Apparition is an extremely useful spell for wizards. It allows them to teleport wherever they want to go, as and when they wish to ! If this were a real life spell, it would be pretty useful even for normal people. Only if you could find wizards to be friends with you !! ( continue post on page 2 by clicking below )

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