10 Most Powerful Spells From J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Universe Revealed

6. The Hocrux Spell

The Horcrux spell is something that a normal wizard would find any thought or utility in. It was only evil minds like Voldemort who wish to gain an immortality of sorts. In order to achieve it one has to tear it’s soul apart into piece and hide them into horcruxes. Not many have been succesfully but ones who have have been crazy enough to kill someone to create these horcruxes.

7. Crucio – The Torture Curse

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Crucio is one of the horrifying unforgivable curses being used by wizards. It basically means that the spell gives you the ability to torture someone into giving away information. It causes intense pain to the victin which can only be relieved by the one who makes the curse. Therefore it is only used by twisted wizards.

8. Imperio – An Unforgivable Control Curse

The Imperio is also one very powerful curse which can be used to control the will of others and make them do things. It is also claimed as an unforgivable curse. It is one of the few bad curses that can be defended but can be used for various evil intentions. For example it has been used by dark wizards in courts to deny heinous acts they do or even make others do something bad.

9. Avada Kedavra – The Killing Curse

Avada Kedrava is one hell of a killing curse and has caused a lot of harm and havoc in the wizarding world. Imagine by using it many have been killed in a matter of seconds. The only possible survivor of the spell is Harry Potter who was accidentally made into a horcrux by the act of Voldemort.

10. The Harry Potter Hour Reversal Charm

The hour reversal charm looks seemingly simple but still is one of the most powerful curses in the Wizarding World. The hour reversal charm lets the user travel back in time. A time turner hour glass is used for the spell however to make it safer and less used. The charm is very overpowering let’s the user go into the past, testify things and maybe even make some changes. It lets you come back in 5 hours however. This charm is revoloutionary and both dangerous even if only humans posessed it !!

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