5 Amazing Moments From Thor Ragnarok Trailer Explained !!

As Marvel phase have never fail to got surprised of the new Marvel franchises. Thor Ragnarok trailer comes as a breath of fresh air for even the most  critical Avenger fans.  there’s a lot that needs to be discovered regarding Asgard.

Also there is Hella the Goddess of death  and a lot more challenges waiting for  Thor and his friend from work. There are 5 amazing moments with Thor Ragnarok trailer that need to be explained in the post right here.  So scroll down and check for yourself !


1. Hella Breaks Thor’s Hammer

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Now what are the most amazing moments from the trailer is when Hella is able to break force hammer. This could be because of two possible reasons,  either she is able to modify the molecular structure of matter  or she could you start magic to break Mjolnir.


2. Loki And Thor Team Up

Now Loki as you can see from Thor 2 is not a very trustworthy companion. Patna all the events of ragnarok  you see the step brothers team up against the forces attacking  Asgard. Whether it’s worth the risk for our Hero is only the movie can tell. Cannot wait for Thor Ragnarok.

3. Ragnarok Is The Death And Rebirth of Asgard


Ragnarok is a regular cycle of birth and death that Asgard has to go through in order to get renewal. In this movie Thor basically inherit the power from Odin  and try to save the kingdom of Dead gods which is replaced by  Cyborg clones.

4. Thor is on a new journey of Self Realisation

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Thor is going to see a lot of transformation in the movie The new haircut being a minor upgrade.  The Thunder God seem to have gained a new magical abilities was the Marvel Cinematic Universe is yet unaware of.


5. The Discovery Of Soul stone

The most amazing moments has been left by Marvel in Thor Ragnarok for the fans to cherish in the last cut of the trailer.  As every Marvel film involves a discovery of an Infinity stone via a subplot.  The last scene in the picture looks like the monster resembling the  untrustworthy Heimdall. (with powers of soul stone !!)

Everything in the trailer is also smart build up for the Avengers Infinity wars.  With  what happens to Thor and Hulk being forwarded to the next Avengers film.  for more amazing bits and pieces  from science technology in comic book world,  keep coming back to amazing  geek world.  you can also hit the subscribe button on our website to get regular updates.

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